Our Missions

Goal one

Goal one

Serving Our Local Community

Goal two

Goal two

Supporting Young Generations to Engage in Politics

Goal three

Goal three

Promoting the Awareness of Municipal Politics


ACE Ontario

About Us

Active Community Engagement (A.C.E.) is an Ontario based, non-profit organization that focuses on giving back to the community. Founded in 2021, our mandate focuses on the following three major areas.

Serving our local community

Canada was built from strong communities across the country. In 2020, ACE successfully held several charity events in the Greater Toronto Area, which included donating and distributing winter clothing to vulnerable individuals in downtown Toronto. Our goal is to continue giving support to seniors, families with financial struggles, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups.

Supporting young generations to engage in politics

ACE is dedicated to give young community leaders opportunities to discuss politics in a constructive and meaningful manner. We aim to provide social resources and guidance for young individuals who are passionate about taking their first step in politics.

Promoting the awareness of municipal politics

In comparison to provincial and federal politics, the importance of municipal politics has often been underestimated. Whether it is public transportation, schools, fire services, or garbage disposal, all these community related affairs rely heavily on the municipal and regional councils for policy making. ACE will strive to raise awareness of municipal politics in local communities and provide a doorway for residents to participate in community affairs.

安省政治經濟民生社區促進會(Active Community Engagement, A.C.E)是一個安省注冊的非 牟利組織,政經民社成立的目的是致力回報社區,並專注以下三大目標:

  1. 服務社區–過去一年,政經民社在大多倫多地區成功舉辦了一些慈善活動,包括去年 在多倫多市中心派發禦寒衣物給無家可歸者,並獲得非常正面的反饋。本會還將不斷 努力為長者,面對經濟困難的家庭,殘疾人士,少數族裔以及其他弱勢群體提供援助。
  2. 幫助年輕一代參政–政經民社將致力培養新一代的社區領袖,整合社會資源,為所有 有志向的年輕人提供平台議政,論政。提供資源及指導年輕人如何踏觸政壇。
  3. 提升市級政治參與度–與省級和聯邦政治相比,市級政治的重要性時常被低估。事實 上,無論是公共交通,學校,消防,還是垃圾處理,這些社區相關事務都離不開市級 政府的參與。政經民社將努力幫助社區提升對市級政治的關注度,讓更多的民眾為社 區事務發聲。


  • September 18, 2022

政經民社(ACE Ontario) 在王府井(King Square Shopping Centre) 成功舉辦了一場名為「人身安全自保法」(Personal Safety & Protection Skills) 的講座

政經民社(ACE Ontario) 於上星期六在王府井(King Square Shopping Centre) 成功舉辦了一場名為「人身安全自保法」(Personal Safety & Protection Skills) 的講座。 鑑於近日偷車與搶劫案頻生,政經民社有見及此,逐特意邀請獅捷國際培訓中心社長李亞倫博士(Dr.…