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How political reputations and PR management works

Online A.C. E Online Webinar on July 23 - How Political Reputations and Public Relations Management Works Public Relations management is very crucial whether for non-profit organizations, political parties, community leaders, or companies. Good Public Relations would help you maintain your positive reputation and public image. Active Community Engagement (ACE) invited Eugene Chan as […]

How to establish a corporation in Ontario Law Webinar 加拿大公司法网上讲座

Online This webinar is conducted in Mandarin. 政经民社邀请刘焱律师在6月11日下午举办“加拿大公司法”网上讲座 安省疫情已经来到尾声,百业待兴,您是否也考虑趁此机会创业?安省政治经济民生社区促进会(简称“政经民社” ) 特此在东部时间2022年6月11日下午1点到3点举办“加拿大公司法”线上讲座,并邀请了刘焱律师为特邀嘉宾,为省民讲解加拿大公司法。线上讲座的内容包括如何在安省成立公司,安省公司与加拿大联邦公司的区别,个人独资公司与个体工商户的区别,合伙开公司的利与弊,公司持有住宅物业的利与弊等等。 参与线上讲座,除了可以访问这个链接外,您还可以在Zoom App上输入会议号87610416484,无需密码。如有任何问题,请发邮件联系政经民社。

Ontario Election Forum (CANCELLED)

Splendid China Mall 4675 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough

This event is cancelled due to venue overbooking.   Candidates are invited to present their platform to the public. ACE's goal is to inform voters so they can make sound decision.