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Richmond Hill Mayor By-election Meet your Candidates Event

December 19, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Active Community Engagement (ACE) is a non-profit & non-government organization officially registered in Ontario. We do not have any political party affiliation. Our goal is to provide a platform for all candidates to present their political platform and governing ideas to the residents of Richmond Hill in a format that encourages constructive dialogue. We hope Richmond Hill residents will have a better understanding of their Mayor candidates after the event, and will vote on Jan 24, 2022.

Full Format of the event:

Part 1: Introduction
Each Candidate will have 3 minute uninterrupted time for self-introduction and talk about the main message of their campaign.
*Order of all speeches will be based on the Alphabetical order of each candidates’ last name.

Part 2: Question period
Each Candidate have the choice of of picking any opponent to ask questions, or discuss any issues they would like in the time limit of 1 min. The opponent will have 2 mins uninterrupted time to answer the question, and finally the candidate will have 2 mins uninterrupted time to rebuttal and conclude his/her argument.
(Please be respectful to this format of a civil dialogue Q & A, if candidates’ voices overlap or the situation is not desirable for the audiences, moderator will intervene and mute the mics)
*Order of this part is based on the reversed Alphabetical order of each candidates’ last name.

Part 3: Media Questions
Each Media attendees will have a chance to ask one question and a follow-up. Reporters may choose to point both questions to one candidate, or direct two different questions to two difference candidates of their choices.
*Media will have the choice to pick any candidates. Expect some candidates will be asked multiple questions, and some will not be asked any questions. This is totally up to the media.

Media attendees – TV, radio and printed media outlets includes but not limited to:

Fairchild TV, OMNI News, Wow TV, Singtao, Ming Pao etc.

All media are welcomed to attend and cover this event

Part 4: Conclusion
Each candidate will have up to 3 minutes uninterrupted time to conclude their campaign message, and respond to any unanswered questions that they would like to clarify.

Candidates’ speeches and questions must be limited to issues related to the City of Richmond Hill, York Region and the province of Ontario.


Yan Zhou President
T: (416) 999-9889



Ritch Lau
VP Communications

T: (416) 728-9123



December 19, 2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

5 comments on “Richmond Hill Mayor By-election Meet your Candidates Event

  1. Graham Churchill says:

    On Sunday, December 19th, 2021, I listened to the all-candidates meeting for the January 24th, 2022 Richmond Hill Mayoral By-election organized by Active Community Engagement (ACE). I became enraged by Regional Councillor Perrelli, one of the mayoral candidates, when he blatantly mischaracterized the events surrounding the development of the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) lands and then used it to try to paint the other candidates negatively for not supporting his and Councillor Greg Beros’ latest scheme to get the city to pay a developer for a park in Ward 1.

    The fact is Mr. Perrelli was never the hero of the DDO saga; he was always one of the villains. The DDO lands are a site of global historical significance. They should be of much pride to Canadians and in particular the residents of Richmond Hill. The David Dunlap Observatory was at one time the second-largest observatory in the world. In 1964, it was used to discover Cygnus X-1, and in 1967 it verified that Cygnus X-1 was a black hole, the first one ever identified.

    The public record bears no proof that Mr. Perrelli ever handed in any application to develop the DDO lands, nor that any such application was ever received through the city’s Planning Department or publicly vetted by Council. The only application that was ever dealt with at Council and the OMB between 2008 and 2012, was the original Corsica application.

    In his All Candidates speech, Mr. Perrelli conveniently leaves out the fact that the DDO land was conserved. The approved residential development on the DDO lands covers less than half the entire property. The rest of the site, together with all the identified heritage buildings, was saved and protected through years of dedicated hard work of which Mr. Perrelli had no direct hand. In fact, to this day, he continues to be the sole voice on Council to negatively address the mediated settlement, as is evident in his public statement at the December 18th All Candidates Meeting. Today, 111 acres of an original 189 acres known as the DDO Lands, are a protected public entity and a National Historic Site, forever standing as a testament to all those who fought so hard for its notable conservation.

    Residents can listen to Mr. Perrelli’s comments, starting at 51:44 in the video, and decide for themselves what Councillor Perrelli’s motivation was in making them, but the fact is his Q3 2021 Event Expense Report shows that as of Q3 Mr. Perrelli had taken $49,200 from developers, of which the largest donation, $18,750, was from Baif Developments, the very company seeking payment from Richmond Hill for the park in Ward 1.

    1. heather s says:

      Graham, Thank you for posting this information!! I wasn’t aware of the specifics of the DDO story.
      I know this post is after the Jan 24 byelection, but posting a couple of my observations as a record for fall 2022 elections.
      I was appalled by how Perelli belittled Juni Yeung in his “response” to her question at starts at 39:30 min. A mild example of the behaviors that are so disruptive on council.
      The contrast is how Dave West asks to respond to her question & then thanks and acknowledges the creativity of her question at 48.30 min
      Also appalled that DiPaola denies how council this term has been characterized and dismisses placing 32 of 32 in democracy ranking as “merely” due to “low voter turnout” . His response to Michael Zambakiddes question at roughly 32 -36 min

      ACE Ontario. A belated Thank you for hosting this event. For many , it was the 1st introduction for voters to the candidates, especially the new candidates.
      I hope you will continue in your endeavours

      1. admin says:

        Thank you for your kind words, Yan from ACE Ontario

  2. Steven Zh says:

    -Why are there six participants from ACE Ontario?
    -Why wasnt Joe notified about his mic during his speech?

    1. admin says:

      1 we are the host and six of us are the board of directors from ace ontario.

      2 we did remind joe about his mic issue.



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